16473512_1792088484449663_341409095070704059_n.jpgcemment 新年のリハスタしてきました!
今回は6曲ほどのセルフカバーEPになりそうなので 昨夜ちょっとプリプロにでも使えたらと、
サウンドチェック的にバランスをとって一発録りをしてみたところ なかなかいい感じ。
次回も楽しみですね。ブルータル2017 はじまりました。(太一)

cemment RIHASUTA of a new year!
A selecting pickup for a new design is being decided mostly.
It seems to be 6 songs of self cover EP this time, so If even Prix professional could use it a little last night.
The feeling which is quite good when I’ll balance and do blow recording in sound checking way.
If sound was being picked up, 14 songs were being recorded and all files were sent to a member a short while ago.
It’s also pleasant next time, isn’t it? Brutal 2017 It has started. (Taichi)16472890_1792145657777279_2822045182869044077_n.jpg



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