Liberate Sound Works という個人レーベルのページがあります。

..まず先に日本文を書いてそれから翻訳機にかけて、やっと出てきてくれる妙に堅苦しい英文を確認しながら.. エキサイトしているこの頃です。


There is a page of a personal label as Liberate Sound Works.

After I have the desire with which I’d like also to make a page of English version.
. While writing a Japanese sentence and confirming formal English in Tae who appears finally to a translation system after that first first.. excited these days.

By the way, an abbreviation of the name of the label will be LSW, but it’s different from the name of the rifle.
Please take care so that there is no misunderstanding at there. Always thank you very much.


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