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インドネシアのファン、Teteyさんが ブルータルなロゴを書いてくれましたのでご紹介!




Indonesian fan Tetey wrote the Cemment’s Brutal version · logo so introduce it!

Since Tetey seems to be working as a logo maker, we also share his art FB page here.

Thank you very much Tetey!

RxRx – ART

Review from Metalhead.it (Italy)

Metalhead.it にて Cemment “Resurrection From Carnage”
New EPの →レヴュー← が掲載されました!
Rating: 7,5/10


Spotify でのリスニングは:

Audio Aggression (USA) -2/2/2019

Cemment played on AUDIO AGGRESSION (USA)!!!!!

アメリカの オーディオ・アグレッション にて
Cemment “Suffer” がオンエアされました。

This episode featured music from:
Sadus – Aggression
Ritual(US-OH) – Espionage
Wretch(US-OH) – Strike Force One
Indestructible Noise Command – Devil Of Hearts
Death Is Death – Boss Death
Death Courier(Greece) – Mourning Ecstacy
Apes Of God – Dying Breed
Contrarian – Exorcism
Destroyers Of All – False Idols
Candlemass – Astorolus – The Great Octopus
Elliott’s Keep – Tempest
Solitude Aeturnus – Mental Pictures
Iron Fire – Beyond The Void
Iron Griffin – Reign Of Thunder
Demolizer – Built On Slavery/Ghoul
Cemment – Suffer
Throne Of Flesh – 24 Obnoxious Reeks Of Holiness
Adrenalizer – Babylon
Gatekeeper(Canada) – Grey Maiden
Mechanical God Creation – Warface
Gatecrasher(US-CAL) – House Of Maniacs
Frenzy(Spain) – From Hell/Save Me
Darkwater – A New Beginning
Onydia – The Unknown
Cil City – Jump Off The Cliff
Against Myself – Through The End Of Times
Saxon – Wheels Of Steel(live)

Metal Jacket Radio (UK) -Episode 2

イギリスのMetal Jacket Radio: Episode2 にて
Cemment 新EP からAztec warriorがオンエアされました。

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Awasome Line-up! Episode 2, Thank you very much!

Metal Jacket Radio Episode 2: Heavy Metal / Power Metal / Black Metal / Death Metal / Thrash Metal


In association with Metal Jacket Magazine and Headshot Music

For show updates visit https://www.facebook.com/metaljacketradio/

Grave Digger – Rebellion (The Clans Are Marching)
Malevolent Creation – Agony For The Chosen
Usurper Lords Of The Permafrost
Sammath – Fear Upon Them
Cerberon – Operation Eisenfaust
U.D.O. – One Heart One Soul
Saxon – Roadies’ Song
Rhapsody Of Fire – Seven Heroic Deeds
Avantasia – Moonglow
Rotting Christ – The Raven
Distorzija Uma – Umri Sad Ti
DEFIANT – A Hymn to Uncreation
Essence – Closure
Insanity Alert – Chronic State of Hate
Humanity Zero – The God Of The Bloody Tongue
Imonolith – Hollow
Örnatorpet – I Glänsande Skare Kring Knottriga Enar
Saiva – Höst
Marduk – Werwolf
Mayhem – A Time to Die
Black Therapy – Dreaming
Together To The Stars – Oblivion
Cemment – Aztec Warrior
Fetal Bleeding – Wallow in Defeat ft.Panyawat
Valle Crucis – In Nomine Nihil
LAST PHARAOH – Into The Darkness
Riot – San Antonio
In Flames – I, The Mask